Friday, March 8, 2013

Backing made for lone star - CHECK!!!

Have to admit sometimes I am sneaky!    One of the focuses I listed in my pledge of four was to make the backing for my lone star quilt. 


Hancocks of Paducah is having a sale on their wide backing fabrics so I just "uh hummmm... - MADE the backing" cough, cough,  sputter choke!  and am so plezzed with myself.  lol

This is what I ordered: .
After placing the order, I noticed it's on back order so I wonder how long it will take.   

Initially for me this LONE STAR  quilt called to have more developed borders than it actually has. 

My dilema was that I ran out of fabric to do this. 

I needed more of that print on the left.  So after more than a decade and a half later, and after several failed attempts at acquiring the needed yardage, I literally  threw on  3 straight borders with the fabric I had on hand to get the size wanted.  Figuring it's a 15 year old WIP that needed to be finished.

When I got to this point, I wasn't happy.
This quilt was not what it needed to be.

So it languished  as a PIT (Project in Tote) and I stewed on and off for another year.  Last month I figured ENOUGH!!
I'll list it on the get er done list to get the back made and just proceed with it.

but , I still am not happy about it. 

It and I truly wanted it to become this:

See that second lighter border.   I drafted 60 degree diamonds into a 45 degree orientationand paper pieced the two corners successfully.  Here;s a leftover pattern since I only needed two. 
The seminole piecing  the 60 degree chains into strips for the two opposing corners have been done and  sitting very nicely in the Tote too.
I wish these could have been used in the 2nd border as planned.....


NO! I won't be ripping out any borders.
When I listed in the get er done for March I had initially figured on sending it to a longarmer and just get it quilted.
Playing with the quilt designs.....
Then while planning how this would be quilted I had an ah.. ha.... moment.
Perhaps I could quilt this originally concepted design into the borders and do a touch of trapunto for that pommegranite vine into the opposing corners. 
YES!!!!  That's it. 
With this being about 102" x 102" big, I know this will be a huge undertaking on my DSM. 
Though I am not a proficient quilter by any means, I have improved my quilting skills as I progress in this hobby.
Each quilt, bag, table runner and project made I see an improvement in the finished results.   I won't expect perfection in the quilting but will have fun as it proceeds.
The first step needed will be to design the trapunto vine design and stitch the batting to the backside of the topwith some wash away thread.  I can do this while I wait for that backing order and it will tell me if I am totally barking up the wrong tree with my little abilities. 

Wish me luck! 
Perhaps I should just start playing in the pillow I painted that will compliment the lone star quilt?  Here's a peak:                                                                                                                      
Click on the blurry picture of it and you can see the year, 1998 when this was stenciled and painted!  See 15 years at least!
Enjoy your day
I'm off to play,


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