Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting it done - March's list

Since February was a short month and all but one of the four listed  items for Getting It Done Challenge were completed, I'm not going to beat myself up about the one that didn't!  My book club met tonight at 7pm and my grand daughter didn't leave until 6pm and then we had to fit supper in there too so the plans I had for tonight are being thrown under the bus!  I had thought of getting that backing done tonight after getting home, but I still am in too much pain with the back issues and I am tired.  So I'll start off March's list with that encore.

I also notice so many other bloggers get so much done and accomplished that I feel like such a major slacker!  So my intention is to pick up my pace this next month.  What you may be asking, do I have planned?

  1. Get the backing made for the Lone Star quilt and send it off to a Long arm quilter.
  2. Make the long awaited Kindle Bag/Cover that I've been wanting to do since forevah!  This will be a New FO for March.  I love it when a project can fill the bill in two different challenges!  Sneaky, I know.
  3. Stitch Me Up Project- A new blog hop coming in March.  This will be a New FO for this month too.  I really am enjoying these blog hops Madamme Samm thinks up.  This is a personal challenge of mine to perhaps participate in one each month.  It gives me a chance to grow and explore, stepping out of my comfort zone.
  4. Quilt the Convergence Wallhanging.
  5. Make the - A Little Something Jacket.  It seems silly to do that now when I am really focused on loosing weight, but I am tired of waiting til who knows when!  It'll get done.
  6. Hopefully if all of these are done then perhaps I can start a long over due Baby Quilt for a friend's grand daughter.  Wish me luck on this one.  It may have to wait to April though since it's already number 6 here.
Ambitious or NUTS?    Who knows, I just may surprise myself. 

With my most recent post, I was pleasantly surprised by how many blog friends stopped by and left such nice comments.  My head is beginning to swell with all of those kind words and praise over that quirky rendition of me, that I thank you all.  Another amazing note is how many people want to follow this little blog of mine!  To me it's a very public journal of the happenings in my life with highlights on vacations,  family and friends besides the hobbies or current interests from my perspective so I am humbled by the connectedness I'm feeling with such attention. 

Thank you all so much.  My heart is open and I feel so blessed to enjoy the many friendships gained  through this modality.    I can only hope I don't bore you to tears!  lol


It's All About Me - My version...

I'm sure you have seen this little lady all around Blogland recently.   She is totally getting around in all kinds of disguises!   It's an Amy Bradley design that she generously offered to many different bloggers participating with this hop hosted by Madamme Samm of Sew We Quilt! that's being led by our cheerleader Marlene from Stitchin By the Lake.

The design was easy to do and I personally love all the different ladies being shared with the different quirky personalities of her maker.

 My version   -    Voila!

Amy- I love the posture of this lady with her hands on her hips.  If I didn't know any better I'd be thinking you've been watching me to design this one.  lol

It turned out cute if I do say so myself.  I deliberated just what to make for several weeks until the project  finalized in my mind.

So I minimized the pattern to fit onto my new food journal

Googling how to make a book cover and then fine tuning that process for a "more finished one".    I changed the directions on how to make the flaps so all of the edges were finished.  I also inserted many ribbons for markers. 
Having Diabetes II, this will be an easier way for me to really see how my diet, exercise and sugar levels are and what I might have  done the day(s) before and the day of any incidence of elevated numbers.

I actually used a makeup sponge under the shirt to poof out the belly just a tad. lol

Just looking at my smurky self in ALL of my abundance, even the bust line trying to fight gravity, (a no-win situatiton)  just makes me smile.   8')

Wanting an organic feel to this design, I choose to hand stitch the pink appliqued rectangle onto the book's background fabric using a DMC 8  heavy weight thread.  While proceeding on this project I assembled it so many times in my mind several times to figure out how to get the finished edge on the bottom of the appliqued part while  still allowing my figure to "Break out of the Box"  with my elbows sticking out over those pink borders.  It was a bit Tricky- but was  easy enough to do after giving it much thought and getting the correct order realized.    I'm Happy with that success too!  The only part I should have done was use a stronger stabilizer for thread painting my hair.  It did pull that fabric just a tad.

Since I'm always wearing earrings and love anything that sparkles and shines, a little  BLING BLING* crystals were added that would go with the  shirt.   For many decades I've told DH that if it sparkles or shines, you can't go wrong.  That Christmas he gave me a chrome toaster, of course that's Not quite what I had in mind!
The only flesh toned fabric I had was used showing the toned down back side.  Looks okay even though I don't have any freckles. 
 The  hair actually started as 3 pieces of a yellow/brown cloth so it would flow behind the ears and still cover over them appropriately, but I had too much fun thread painting my streaks onto it.  I think I got carried away since you can hardly see any of it.

I also wanted the shirt to have a creased look at the bust line so I cut it apart and stitched it like that.   Notice I was super careful on where those dots ended up?  Being a seamstress and making my own clothes for many years I didn't want any provocatively placed dots! lol

Aging as I am, reading glasses are a must and sunglasses for that matter too.  Typically I am wearing them on the front of my shirt or blouse when they are not on my face, so I auditioned that look on the pattern as shown to the right. 

First, I drew in a plain frame but that looked dorky.    So then I colored it in to change them to sunglasses and that seemed to take away from the cute quirkiness already in place.  Since I didn't want that to happen  I chose to eliminate them all together.    Sometimes when you're creating, it's good to know when to say when! If you know what I mean  {a little laugh now}.    To add my glasses and a pen holder to this journal, I added a touch of webbing to do this.  These loops make it convenient and make those items super handy whenever needed.  8~)

I also choose to put my  words on the inside title page of this journal instead of the on the cover. 

                AND SO IT BEGINS......

It's a happy reminder of this fun hop for me to use everyday.  It makes me smile everytime I go to log into it.   Perhaps I'll be drawing a skinnier version of me on the back cover as I wanted too but my drawing abilities have there limits ya know.

Happy too that this New FO is finished which is a challenge I participate with lead by Barb of Cat Patches.  This project also completes one of the items of the list of four I mentioned to getting it  done challenge in February.  Another challenge I participate with that Judy Laquidera of Patchwork times leads and has links for.

Thanks for visiting my blog and if you have time, please use the links below  and have fun checking out other bloggers participating in this Hop.    Of course a nice comment always makes my day too if you feel so inclined.  Here's the list of bloggers for the final day of the "It's All About Me" Blog Hop.

Cherry Blossoms
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I Like To QuiltBlog
Quilt Smiles
More Stars In Comanche
Tea Time Creations
Shedding the Wolf
Life, Quilts, and a Cat Too
Judy at That Other Blog
Madame Samm

My appreciation goes to Amy Bradley, Madamme Samm, Marlene and Timeless Treasure for all you gave and did towards this hop.

It was fun to do and I am really  glad to have participated with it!



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Didn't flip yet!

My numbers for the stash report #8 of 2013 have not been flipped to the red yet!   In fact it has slipped further into the dark side.

I was so hoping to go through some major fabric usage for this past week, but not yet.  Soon though I hope.   I do count it used when projects are totally done,  not just as a top or blohen I get to report it usually is in chunks of yards used. 

Yard sale items I picked up very economically  except for that purplish Shock Cotton on the left. 
Am thinking of trying Libby Lehman's ribbon  thread painting with that piece. 

Judy Laquidera of Patchwork times is the  leader and has a place to link these stash reports.  See how other quilters are using or gaining in their stashes.  Each has a different view of wanting to gain, use and all feeling the need to report those numbers, myself included!  So for this week I gained a bit more fabric in.  Yes,  I do have plans for it and will be sharing the gain. 

Stash In: 14 Yards 

Stash Out: 1/2 Yards

YTD In: 31.5 Yards
YTD Used/Out the Door: 17 yards
I already had in my stash that Aqua solid and the layer cake.  But was able to find those greens at 50% off for borders and backing of that green Minkee.  YUMM! 
That bright yellow felt  will be used this next week for something for the youngest grandchildren, I hope!

I'm able to count a half yard used for those potholders I finshed up this past week.   But with this most recent gain, I'm even slipping farther away to flipping my numbers towards the red.   Stay well and Enjoy!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Under the sea - 2013

2013 Ice Carnival event was Under The Sea.
Before the most recent storm was to hit our area, we thought a nice little road trip
to visit the Ice Castle in Saranac Lake would be a nice ride and enjoyable day and it was. 

Photo capturing the scale within the walls of the ice palace.

On the grounds before you got to the castle were submarines and the whale where children could pretend they were Jonah.  lol

Fish clustered around the Date's Sculpture and you can see on the upper left part of either  Poseiden or King Neptune who was riding on turtles and school of fish.    More details shown in the following photo.

Just after making a turn a nice surprise of something interesing froze into a block of ice.
DH wanted to chisel it out have a Lobster dinner, TG he didn't have any tools!  lol

Each year this event has a different theme that the local school children get to participate by thinking of the theme besides coming up with some appropriate designs to use.  This past year was Stellar and we enjoyed the visit. 

A beheaded mermaid, notice her bust setting just to the right of her tail.  Not sure if it was the time and warmer weather or vandalism being the cause.

Then onto Lake Placid to a favorite haunt of ours, The Cottage.

While enjoying ourselves we noticed many cross country skiers, people snowshoeing and sliding using the tobagan slide on the other end of Mirror Lake.  Beside those flurry of activities we noticed a couple of dog sled teams offering rides. 

Yes we did! (No that is not us on the sled, just thought it would be a great lead in photo.)

Here we are:
Our feet on the sled.

Our view. 
Notice that unless you are the lead dog, your view is the same?
So as our "bucket list" goes,
Ride a dog sled - CHECK!

Loving life in all ways we can.  But am I paying for it now.  I think it was all the frost heaves we went over on the way there that exacerbated my spine problems so I need to take it as easy as I can again.  Grrrr....  The dog team ride was smooth as glass since it was on a well worn track and on the ice. 



Monday, February 18, 2013

Another blog hop starting soon

Since the first Hop, In Your Own Words that  I participated with was a nudge to get somethingthat  I've wanted to get done actually DONE, I decided to participate in a couple more Blog Hops this year, you know these can be addictive!  This one is based on a pattern by Amy Bradley is being hosted by Madame Samm from Sew We Quilt and our cheerleader for this hop is the very nice Marlene from Stitchin By The Lake.
It is starting this week, I'm a Bit Biased kicks off on Tuesday, the 19th!

 Each participant received a pattern from Madamme Samm that was designed by the talented Amy Bradley.  I'm sure you know her characters, they all seem to have a very unique personality.  With this hop each person is to use that pattern and base their project  on their own personality.  Should be interesting and also perhaps a bit revealing!  LOL

Here's a list of who will be sharing their creation according to the date(s).  I hope you enjoy this hop as much as I enjoy seeing all that creativity and eye candy.  My heart is accelerating as I speak!
Enjoy the hop!    I need to finish my creation that's a WIP.


PS:  I've been playing in my studio most of today and getting quite a bit accomplished despite just piddling around!    lol
Can you see I've left some hints in this post what my character is going to reveal?   lol

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stash Report 7 of 2013

Judy Laquidera of Patchwork times is our fearless leader in looking at our stashes in this manner.  Thanks Judy, it adds a whole new perspective to my craft of quilting and keeps it real. 

Stash In: 0 Yards

Stash Out: 1.5 Yards

YTD In: 17.5 Yards

YTD Used/Out the Door: 17.0 yards
I'm able to count one and a half yards used up this past week with several little finishes!  That means my numbers are ever so close that they may actually flip to the dark side by next week.  Yahoo!   Even better yet is that the runner was in my Get R Done challenge for February! 
The celtic table runner is totally finished.  You've seen it probably a thousand times already, but I just have to show another picture of it but this time in a different layout and light.   Sorry, still no glamour shots of it.
As you can see I quilted a generic stipple in the green field area, leaving the pinwheels be, so they'd expand away from the surface.  I did start quilting around the phrase on each end section, but it detracted from the look I wanted so a lot of ripping out had to happen so I could bind it.
Wonder clips are just beautiful to work with.  Didn't seem to have a thread tangle going on with these like I did with the hair clips I used to use. 
I highly endorse them!
All done now and it's just what I want, perfect!

Also I was able to finish up the four makeovered pot holders yesterday.  Here they are.
I quilted around each motif through the top and the well worn terry cloth scrotched older parts I recycled.  After using a black heavy duck cloth for the back (binding too) I machine quilted those parts together using the lines of the different colored squares surrounding the peppers.  Then attached the binding by sewing it to the back, turning it over the edge and then topstitching the binding with my hem stitch foot #10 close to the edge.  Remember how nasty they looked before.  BIG DIFFERENCE!
This could also be a New FO for the February's challenge cheerleaded by Barb.
I have one or perhaps two more pot holders that I'd like to make today before those fabrics  all get put away.  I used to hate putting my fabric away after a project.  That's why I always sewed in a room that looked like it was hit by a twister.  Now, I love putting them away in an orderly fashion.  Letting them sit there politely on the shelves just waiting patiently for me to play with them another day.   I think the reason they behave so well now is perhaps because I've sent some of their family to CHARM SCHOOL and they've witnessed this. Mwahhh, haha! (Inserting evil laugh here.)  But let me tell you, if any of them are unmangeable, off to charm school they will go!
All in all, only a net gain of 1/2 a yard YTD.  "Not bad" if I do say so myself.

Friday, February 15, 2013

It's All about Me....

Yikes!  I just realized....I need to start on my project for the It's All About Me blog hop which will be starting Monday, February 18th. Marlene from Stitching by the Lake will be our cheerleader. A  pattern from Amy Bradley was sent by Madamme Samm and we get to play and embellish anyway we think, it should be interesting!  My day on the blog hop tour is Thursday the 28th.    This also will fill the bill with my New FO for February.  ANother challenge that I participate with and is hosted by Barb of  the Cat Patches fame.  When doing these New FOs I love to be able to finish them quicker than the typical WIP around here. 
I've been looking at presenting myself in a couple of different ways, which one will win?   Stay tuned, I'll surprise you and myself too since hopefully I'll be blazing ahead.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DAYBOOK February

I'm feeling ... pain with this back/neck disability issues
I'm seeing ... a mess around my house
I'm hearing ... the ticking of the wall clock
I'm thinking ... of playing in my studio
I'm cooking ... nothing just now, feels nice!
I'm planning ... how to finish some of these UFOs
I'm reading ... The Wedding Ring by Emilie Richards
I'm wearing ... my lounge grey and black  leopard outfit
I'm creating ... Chili pepper pot holders
I'm enjoying ... the quiet of the house
I'm sharing ... More SNOW at my door thanks to Nemo! 

We got around 12" of snow from the last storm but it is melting quickly and another storm is approaching.
This one is Orka I believe.  I wonder ...was the previous storm Moby perchance?  And the next  will it be Persius?....  lol


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stash Report 6 of 2013

 My neck/back issues are horrendous just recently so have been in agony and such pain thus the delay in reporting this report.  The stash report for this past Sunday shows an improvement since 2 yards are out the door for Gina's Birthday gift.
I should have taken a picture of it before I gave it.  It was a yard panel of the wine country apron, with another yard for the lining showing a myriad of wine labels.  They were bought  while I was in Florida with Mom and thought, PERFECT!  She loves wine, cooking, quilting and not in that order so this kitted gift would be perfect for her.  She also shares apassion for many other things, so easy to think of things to gift her.  I also included a pattern with HST since she recently finished a quilt with a gazillion HST in it and I just know she'll be missing working on those little suckers!   LOL!!
With that being said and it being better late than never, here's my 6th stash report.
Stash In: 0 Yards
Stash Out: 2 Yards
YTD In: 17.5 Yards

YTD Used/Out the Door: 15.5 yards
I'm glad to see those numbers coming closer together, now hopefully by next week perhaps even them out,  if not shift it entirely in the other direction!  Check at Judy L's blog to see ow other quilters are doing with their numbers.
Currently I am finishing up the binding on the Celtic Runner I made last month and also getting the 4 potholders made when I can sit comfortably long enough that is!  When finished you can be sure to see a photo of them here.  Takes enough time for such little things and it's be easier if I weren't repurposing some of the materials.  (Trudy, notice that re word?)  lol!
Thanks for taking the time to stop by this lil' blog and leaving such nice comments. 
I do appreciate it and look forward to seeing what you are working on in the mean time. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day Here...

School was cancelled and both of the youngest grandchildren are here.  The 7 year old came without any ski pants.  So when her younger brother and grandfather went out to clear up some of the snow, she got a POUT on.  Tatat DAAA!  Meme to the rescue.  Grabbed a large garbage bag, thread, scissors and elastic and VOILA!

Home made ski pants!
The pout disappeared and all was well in the land of Emersons after that.
Here's a snap of a new FO that I've been wanting to get to.  Notice those nasty burnt and scortched potholders?  I dismantled them and am recovering them into something prettier but still serviceable. 
If it works it works, if not the circular file they will go.

What's that saying nothing ventured, nothing gained.    Off to play while the little ones are napping. 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another Lil Miss Shabby- Check!

Finished this lil' Miss Shabby March's Block and it's on my list of four for February.    Only three left to do.....Yippee Skippee.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stash Report 5 of 2013

Got back from Florida Friday afternoon and I am tired!  With my flight leaving so early Friday AM I got up at 12:45 am to be ready for the Village's Taxi service.  I actually had a dream or nightmare a couple of days previous of my departure date.   In the dream, I was still getting ready and the boat was being held for me to catch it.  For one reason or another in my dream, I kept delaying the boat's departure until it finally sailed without me.  So I took this as a HUGE premonition and set my alarm for 2 hours before I needed to be ready to be picked up just in case.  
No problems with my departure, I was just relieved to figure out how I would pack with all of the purchases acquired from my visit. Can I say the shopping just rocks!  The styles, colors and selections not to mention the prices!  What a difference especially when compared to what's available around here.   So what purchases other than the many clothes and footwear did I purchase? 

Check it out:
9 yards of Rayon Batiks, YUMM!
Three - A Little Somethin' Jackets planned with these.

1 yard of canvas and sevaral yards of the others, totalling 7 + 1/2 yards.  There are a couple of fabrics hidden under that green.  Will be a gift for someone who's celebrating a little something later this month. 
That Red nembered French General was 50 % off, who could resist?  Bought 3 yards, the rest of the bolt.   
Of course I also have plans for all of these. 

Book at half off!  Pattern and quilt smart fusible were full price at the Villages,  Quilt Shows' Vendor Mall.

Many great patterns that looked interesting and most were also 50% off.  A compilation of the quilt show and 3 quilt shops Mom and I visited.

Some interesting woolens I couldn't resist. I do not report Wools in my stash reports but am thinking perhaps I should at some point!

needle magnets, these always make life easier and pretty too.
Was able to gift a lime flower needle minder to Mom too!

Soo all in all, I did really well with the buying factor.  Keeping in mind the PIGS,  and projects that will be tended to soon.  Kindle covers with some of that French General and canvas cloth, A Tiki Bar hanging with that Lime green, and a Patchabilities Sand Castle with that footprint beachy fabric.  All considering, I did go through enough cash too.   I won't report that here, but I am keeping a tally of my hobby expenses this year and already it is in the hundreds+++++.  That will be slowing down!

Without further adieu, Here's my stash report.

Stash In: 16.5 Yards
Stash Out: 0 Yards
YTD In: 17.5 Yards
YTD Used: 13.5 yards

Net change is  4 yards more coming into the stash so far this year!
Those numbers will be changing shortly, I have Plans and it will be showing less, much less by year end.   

Enjoy your day and the Superbowl happening later.